Only the largest businesses can really justify the expense of a qualified full-time lawyer, let alone one with deep experience across the full-range of issues facing businesses today.  If your revenues are $100 million or more, you might be able to afford the $200,000 and up you might pay a qualified in-house lawyer.  Or, you might be able to swallow the hourly rates of $400 and up for many of the big law firms who are equipped to handle such a broad array of issues on an hourly, case-by-case basis.  But otherwise you need a lower cost solution.  You want the benefits of a General Counsel who knows your business, is there for the long haul, is available 24 hours a day for questions large and small, and who doesn’t break your budget with hourly rates.  The LAW OFFICES OF LLOYD C. CHATFIELD II can help you level the playing field, and give you the benefits of quality business law support at a fraction of what you would pay a big law firm or a full-time general counsel.

An outside general counsel relationship is designed to provide the benefits of a full-time general counsel at an affordable cost.  This approach to meeting your company’s legal needs will be far more holistic than a typical law firm relationship, and will allow you and your team to evaluate your legal issues in a strategic, ongoing fashion.

Click on the PDF to see a sample of a “Dashboard” outlining the scope of a typical General Counsel on Call relationship:



Outside General Counsel Dashboard
Outside GC Dashboard.pdf
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Among the specific services available to clients who retain the LAW OFFICES OF LLOYD C. CHATFIELD II as their General Counsel on Call are the following:


Initial In-Depth Legal Evaluation

First Call Support

Legal Form Development and Maintenance

Contract Management

Negotiation Support

Global Legal and Business Network

Dispute Management

Outside Counsel Management

Employee Training

Legal Updates

Corporate Maintenance and Securities


If you’d like to explore the benefits of building a relationship with the LAW OFFICES OF LLOYD C. CHATFIELD II, you can do so at no cost.  Lloyd will meet with you, at your office or his, and discuss your business and its legal needs with no cost or obligation to you.  Reviewing everything from personnel, contracts, sourcing, sales and distribution, intellectual property, finance, litigation and business entity structures, Lloyd will help you evaluate what your legal risks and opportunities are, and whether his firm can provide you a cost-justified solution.  You will then be provided with a written proposal with different options for your business, and can compare the cost-benefit proposition with other firms you are currently using or might want to speak with.  If nothing else, you will gain tremendous insights into how to approach your legal issues, and at no cost to you.