With nearly two decades of international legal experience, the LAW OFFICES OF LLOYD C. CHATFIELD II are uniquely positioned to support the global legal needs of US companies.  Whether your business is seeking to exploit new markets, source low-cost materials or components, acquire companies or enter into strategic alliances, the LAW OFFICES OF LLOYD C. CHATFIELD II's global network of hand-selected local attorneys and business associates can provide the invaluable local insights that can make the difference between a successful venture and a costly misstep. 

Lloyd has worked on global business and litigation matters since 1997, dealing with legal projects on six continents and in more than thirty countries.  The contextual challenges of effectively managing legal issues in multiple jurisdictions require experienced legal management, local knowledge and reliable contacts.  Whether your business needs a distributor in Scandinavia, low-cost manufacturing in Asia-Pacific, or an entrée to government contracting opportunities in Latin America, chances are the LAW OFFICES OF LLOYD C. CHATFIELD II have an established relationship in the relevant location, and can provide start-to-finish legal support for your business venture.  The LAW OFFICES OF LLOYD C. CHATFIELD II bring you truly global legal reach and international law experience, at a cost position your business can afford.


The LAW OFFICES OF LLOYD C. CHATFIELD II are also highly experienced in managing international disputes and litigation.  In no other area are differences so pronounced between jurisdictions than in how they resolve litigation and disputes.  Perhaps the only certainty when dealing with international litigation is this: US style litigation tactics will often backfire when employed abroad.  This is a hard lesson, and one that foreign attorneys and judges are all too happy to teach American lawyers and their clients.


If your company faces litigation overseas, you likely handle these disputes in one of three ways.  First, you might utilize your US counsel to handle the claim, recognizing that your US counsel will have to retain local counsel at least in a support role.  So, you are forced to pay two law firms, and accept the risk that they will not be able to work together efficiently or effectively.  Second, you can retain one of the global firms who might have an office in the relevant jurisdiction.  This avoids multiple law firms, but is often an extremely expensive approach.  Further, you will be using whatever lawyer the big firm happens to have hired in Singapore or Stuttgart, even if a better lawyer might have been selected.  Third, you can find and retain local counsel on your own.  While this can be the best solution, it is both time-consuming and risky, in that you may have limited means of evaluating the counsel you have selected.  Further, you will have to deal with language, culture, time-zone and a host of other challenges in managing this firm. 


With established legal contacts in all major world regions, the LAW OFFICES OF LLOYD C. CHATFIELD II will work with hand-selected local counsel throughout the life of your case, ensuring that your expectations are defined and the matter is resolved as expeditiously and inexpensively as possible.  Our contacts in different countries include some attorneys who are affiliated with large firms but have established themselves as both efficient and cost-effective, some who are boutique firms with a narrow practice area, and some who are sole practitioners.  But in each case, you will know that you are being represented by qualified local counsel who recognize that meeting your expectations will be essential to securing future work from you or other LAW OFFICES OF LLOYD C. CHATFIELD II clients.