Fee Description

While some law firms attempt to cover every type of legal matter, the LAW OFFICES OF LLOYD C. CHATFIELD II are focused on our core competencies: business law, international law, and litigation. 

No Cost Consultation

If you or your company need qualified legal counsel in any of these areas, you should contact us to schedule a no-cost consultation.  We will provide a candid assessment of your legal situation, outline various options that might be available to you, and, if we believe it is a matter we can effectively handle, provide you with a written proposal for our services.


Because we are a small firm with minimal overhead, we are able to provide quality legal work in our areas of practice at extremely competitive rates.  Depending on the client and the type of matter, we generally offer three basic approaches to fee arrangements, and also will often consider alternative fee arrangements:



Fixed Fees


Contingent Fee


Hourly Fees


Alternate Fees