The LAW OFFICES OF LLOYD C. CHATFIELD II were founded by a former Fortune 500 General Counsel, and are dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality legal representation to individuals and small and medium-sized businesses.  We have offices in Illinois and Kentucky, and focus on four key practice areas where we have deep experience and proven competitive advantages:




Our fundamental belief is that small businesses and individuals deserve the same level of legal support as large corporations, and we are committed to meeting this need with sophisticated, affordable legal representation.  We use technology and efficiencies to keep our costs down, and pass these savings on to our clients. 


A relentless focus on cost does not mean compromising on quality.  On the contrary, the LAW OFFICES OF LLOYD C. CHATFIELD II utilize the latest technology, including unsurpassed internet-based legal research capabilities, electronic data management systems and matter-management software to ensure that we are never overpowered, even when up against the largest law firms.